Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zoya - Cheri

I bought the minimum six polishes from Zoya's Polish Exchange and they arrived earlier this week. I was very excited to try some new colors by Zoya because I loved the way Kelly applied and looked. I debated and debated, but finally broke down and bought them. This was by far my favorite of the polishes. I am in love with it! It seems like a complex color to me. I had trouble figuring out exactly how I would describe it.... deep rose, maybe mauve, sometimes looks reddish and then the wonderful gold shimmer. Well, just check Zoya's description of it and stop guessing, right? The website describes it as "Rich rose-mauve with warm red undertones and strong golden shimmer." I suppose I retained some of that from when I chose the color, but it certainly is accurate :)

Cheri applied smoothly in about two coats, but I wore three. It is a beautiful color. The description says it is a great shade for autumn, but I think it will do just fine for summer, too. The gold shimmer really warms it up. They call it a metallic, but it isn't what I would call a metallic finish. I would call this a shimmer. 
Zoya - Cheri
Zoya - Cheri

:) I am so pleased I picked this color, because I had filled my cart a few times before deciding I would go ahead and make the purchase. This was only selected that final time and I am so glad I did.

Zoya has a nice way that you can make sure you choose the colors you'll love. Check out their information on Color Spoons.

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